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  1. Parapyro

    DJI Zenmuse for Canon 5D

    Up for sale is a used DJI Zenmuse gimbal for Canon 5D. Works with any DJI flight control system. Can be used with 5D MK1, 2, or 3 and Canon 24mm lens. Well used with signs of wear but performs flawlessly. Asking $1200 Contact directly @
  2. Parapyro

    DJI S900 with extras

    Does it have a Naza or an A2?
  3. Parapyro

    GENSACE 6S1P 10000MAH LIPOS ***BRAND NEW** 25-50C (can deliver to Van)

    No offense intended. I can offer $300 USD for 2 of those batteries and that INCLUDES shipping. I understand if you turn down that offer, but if I buy batteries somewhere else this weekend, when you come back to me the offer will be $250.
  4. Parapyro

    Modified Cinestar 8 for sale!

    Up for sale is our workhorse CS8. We have flown it to film for Nat Geo, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, HGTV and many, many more. This is a great flying machine that is curently configured to fly the 5D MKiii and comes with the Zenmuse Gimbal. This machine has been modified to attach...
  5. Parapyro

    Precision Aerial Filmworks

    For more information please visit our website at
  6. Parapyro

    Cinestar 3 axis Brushless with Alexmos 32

    This is a Cinestar 3 axis gimbal, originally had radiens, now converted to brushless motors. It comes with an Alexmos 32 bit 3 axis control unit. $1500 Shipped! CONUS with questions.
  7. Parapyro

    Freefly Systems Movi M10 Excellent Condition

    Interested. please contact me at 561-702-3700 or
  8. Parapyro

    Photoship One Auto 360 for RC helicopter

    Purchased for $699 from Photoship One for a project. NEVER USED! Never even wired. Set up with DJI "H" frame for S800. $600 with "H" frame, $550 without.
  9. Parapyro

    Zenmuse Z15 Canon 5D mkiii

    Price Drop $2000
  10. Parapyro

    Zenmuse Z15 Canon 5D mkiii

    DJI Z-15 Zenmuse gimbal for Canon 5D MK3. This gimbal was installed on an Octocopter, flown and tested, and then returned to box. All accesories that came with it are included. This is by far THE BEST GIMBAL ON THE MARKET! Seling as we need to alternate lenses. $2500 Paypal
  11. Parapyro

    Skyjib 8 TiQR NEW with Motors ESC props zenmuse adapter plate.

    Interested. Would you sell without the ESC, and motors?
  12. Parapyro

    Cinestar 360 gimbal brushless

    Cinestar 360 3 axis gimbal converted to brushless using Alexmos boards and Ipower motors. Comes with extra CF parts for extending and shortening. We used this gimbal with our Cinestar 8 Octocopter. We have flown the Canon 5D, Sony Fs700 and Red Dragon with this gimbal. Comes with Spectrum AR8000...