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    skyzone goggle setup with Dji Naza plz help

    I got skyzone goggle and futaba 10c with ch Rx and head tracker need help configuring the skyzone with my head tracker to make it work . is any one using head tracker with dji naza thanks in advance
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    Dji naza motor get hot

    I have encountered a strange problem. As I was doing some long flights today, I noticed that suddenly the Hexa yawed to the left and left stick input had little influence. Basically - giving full left yaw only stopped the right yaw movement and at least it was possible to land the machine...
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    dji keep rotating around it self

    I made a new quad copter today but the copter is keep turning to the left it does not stay straight need some help
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    Dji Naza F1 port problem need help please

    I got a Dji Naza V2 and I made an Octo but the F1 in controller does not start the motor I tested the 7 1 esc by connecting it to f2 and it did work perfect so it is not the ESC but not the F1 and when I connect the battery i see that power goes to the F1 controller port and turning the ESC...
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    XAircraft I need xaircraft v8 motor where to find it and what kv is it

    Thanks for the reply but i see that there is two kind one is v1 and the other one is v2 which one to buy since these motors does not have any number or anything on them so one with the same numbers no wonder why the Xaircraft is out of market any suggestion
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    XAircraft I need xaircraft v8 motor where to find it and what kv is it

    Heloo i recently overheated my xaircraft motor and damage they still work but not that good want to replace them can some let me know where to find them it is v8 version first one thanks
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    Zero UAV Zero UAV YS-X6 [Owners Thread] *Autopilot system for multirotors*

    Hleoo guys my zerouav y6 giving me motor imbalance 150 and it does not start motor s keep peeping any idea how to fix that i had just 1 flight with this and it stop working it started when i was calibrating my ESC got T- motor esc and motor by the way when i pull up the...
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    Zero UAV start up problem

    Heloo guys if some one can help me in my gs software shows motor balance (turn the motor imbalance 150 and my motor does not start but when i raise the throttle 100% then the motor keep beeping but if it is lower no beeping and does not start make me go crazy
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    DJI naza wobbling

    but they thing is as u can see those videos they use the same setup and they donot have any problem ? i will try to use 15 inch prop and see what happens..
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    DJI naza wobbling

    the reason i made this is to get long flight time since using Lithium-ion battery one can get 85 to 129 min min of flying and they do use Naza take a look
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    DJI naza wobbling

    I seen lots of others have the same and flying with no problem Also i need to connect my servo gimbal to a Octo copter that i already have beside this one and using Naza with that too and since all port of Naza are taken is there any other way to connect the gimbal may be may be...
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    Tiger ESC problem

    This is the ESC but the 30A one and regarding the calibration i did them all at one and also individually i placed the throttle on the top then it was confirming my 4s lipo then when i bring the throttle down it does one beep and when i push the throttle up it start but when i connect...
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    Tiger ESC problem

    Tiger motor 30a advance ESC new build it does calibrate I thing but it does not start when it connect to my flight controller when i rais the throttle it beep slow only other wise if the throttle is down it does not beep
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    T-Motor ESC Calibration problem

    I did must of those and it does not start the motor when i insrt the esc back to the flight controller it do slow beep but when the ESc's are connected to the rx port the do start
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    Tiger ESC problem

    my tiger esc does not stat how to reset it it could be in safty mood it is tiger ESC?
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    DJI naza wobbling

    Naza V1 when the gain was to default it was not flying because of too much wobbles then i highered the gain then was flying for 5 min then suddenly was getting sever wobbling and was getting out of control and was crashing tomorrow i open it and will try to balanc them again
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    DJI naza wobbling

    do u mean if the ESc is good for this motor ?
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    DJI naza wobbling

    The GPS mounted in front of Naza but the naza is mounted on a carbon plate 3 inch above the fuselage so it is 3in up from the motors
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    DJI naza wobbling

    I just build a DJI Naza M Quad rotor and it wobble and cannot be controlled I thighten all the screw to make sure there is no vibration which i think there is not but still wobbling heavily some one suggested that it could be the gain does any one suggest anything else...