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  1. UgCS

    New Version of UgCS Has Just Been Released - UgCS 2.9

    It’s been long in the making, but it’s finally here. UgCS has released a new version of its ground station software for drones - UgCS 2.9 which features a ton of improvements and new features. A feature often requested by the users - possibility of planning area scan missions by manually...
  2. UgCS

    UgCS 2.8.1 Update Has Been Released

    Hi, thanks for pointing that out! We made some improvements in our website and 2.8.1 is not showing. It will be back shortly.
  3. UgCS

    UgCS 2.8.1 Update Has Been Released

    We want to announce the release of UgCS 2.8.1 - an update to UgCS 2.8. In the new version we have improved DJI vehicle detection algorithm as well as improved the DJI Datalink connectivity and stability. Hold & Continue commands have now been added to all DJI vehicles. We have improved the...
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    UgCS 2.8 is Now Live!

    It works with Pixhawk and APM, but PX4 is not supported.
  5. UgCS

    Safe flight planning with UgCS

    It is well known that drones, along with other aircraft, possess a certain safety risk when operated. This potential safety hazard of drones has been highlighted in the media many times. Oftentimes this serves as bad publicity for companies and individuals seeking to use drones to benefit the...
  6. UgCS

    UgCS 2.8 is Now Live!

    We're very excited to announce the release of UgCS 2.8. Visually the first thing you will notice is that the new version features an improved user interface – you are now able to change the visual theme yourself. By default it now comes with a new black/green theme and you are able to select...
  7. UgCS

    UgCS as an Alternative to DJI Ground Station

    Worried about losing possibility of flight planning for DJI on PC? At the beginning of this year DJI will discontinue their PC mission planning software Ground Station due to Google discontinuing their Google Earth API. Along with that, there has been a recall of DJI 900 MHz radio links. UgCS...
  8. UgCS

    PC Ground Station, Ace One WP and 900M Datalink to be discontinued

    You could use UgCS for desktop mission planning with DJI vehicles. Our software does not rely on Google Earth API and therefore will still work. 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz data link systems work with our software. Feel free to check it out if interested: