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    KDE Motor beeping

    Yes, I ended up using a DJI board. I still have the HoverflyPro, but on a smaller copter. There are a couple of threads on here where people offered suggestions. One that I didn't try was setting the Taranus offsets/end points. I'm on my phone now so it's harder to find, but I'll have a look...
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    KDE Direct XF UAS ESC and Flight Controller Compatibility List

    Hi guys, any tests with the HoverflyPro? I have the boards, but haven't pulled apart my current working bird to test myself (currently running with DJI). When I originally put it together I couldn't get the ESC's and Hoverfly to play, but I didn't try changing the throttle end points.
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    Tarot T810 Build

    How does it fly? Any updates?
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    Highest frame rate in a small camera packet.

    The Sony RX100 3, (and therefore I imagine the A5100 as well) do reasonable speeds, but also at high bitrates: 1920 x 1080 60p Avg. 50Mbps 1920 x 1080 30p Avg. 50Mbps 1920 x 1080 24p Avg. 50Mbps 1280 x 720 120p Avg. 50Mbps The quality of the video is excellent, so you could probably frame...
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    anaka HL build

    Love to hear how you get on with the triple prop adaptors. I've gone back to normal props at the moment.
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    Lightbridge - Futaba Telementry

    I think cbpagent72 was wishing so hard he saw an extra 'd' ;)
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    Asymmetric Hex - conversion from an X8

    Hey R_Lefebvre, not sure if you're asking Old Man or me, but sloppy is the way to describe what I'm seeing. It kind of wallows around in the wind. Plenty of power too - maybe over powered (hover on about 35% manual). This is another reason why I've been dropping the prop size. I was running...
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    scratch 900 hex copter w / Naza M V2

    Check the motors/esc's are connected in exactly the right order to the Naza M1/M2/M3/etc ports. Double check the motors are spinning the right direction as per the Naza instructions. Try and balance the copter with two fingers on the underside of the left and right arms. Does it seem to...
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    Asymmetric Hex - conversion from an X8

    Yup, this is a good point. At the moment I'm running a Naza V2 - which I know according to DJI is not suitable for larger than a 600 or so frame. Mines a 900 dia. Part of the thinking with a change in frame type is to go a different FC as a first step. I just can't get any reliable info on...
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    Hex screws keep stripping out...

    Sounds like permanent Threadlock or Locktite has been used. Did you built it yourself? The White residue is the Threadlock. It's agood thing to use - I can always tell which bolts I forgot to apply it to because they fall off and disappear. But you want to use the medium strength stuff/temporary...
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    Asymmetric Hex - conversion from an X8

    Hi guys, I've been noticing my X8 is a bit unsteady in decent winds. I've adjusted gains, changed to smaller props and a few other tweaks. All have helped, but it still wobbles around a fair bit in any sort of stiff breeze. I'm thinking about adding two arms and going to a hex frame. My...
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    SynDrones X8 Heavy Lift Build

    This is great to hear - well done! Any chance of getting some video if it in action?
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    A2 Problems Catalogue

    Thanks guys, I'll keep this in mind.
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    A2 Problems Catalogue

    That is really interesting. I just ordered an IMU vibration isolation mount - one of these: - because of something funky happening with the suability in certain conditions. I was thinking some kind of standing wave in the frame. Anyone using...
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    High pucker-factor oscillations on climb out - gain help needed!

    I know that each setup has different gains, but can you give an idea of what range of gains you were testing and where you ended up? I am hunting down a similar issue, but related to stability in wind. I've made a lot of progress with MUCH lower basic gains than I would have expected (still...
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    Mikrokopter controlling a sony a5000?

    Just to note the 5000 and 5100 (and RX100-3) don't have IR receivers! It is a pain, especially with the excellent new video capability of the 5100 and RX100-3. Hopefully a 6100 won't be too far away, and will come with an IR port. Sony seems to have dumped them on the other models in favour of...
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    Anyone from Sydney Australia?

    Looks like a good spot. Sorry I missed the South Heads action too. I've got to say that I think these meet ups are great. The last time I met up with Fat Corgi was excellent - a bit of advice and another pair of eyes really helps getting the setup right. Internets are great an all, but there's...
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    Anyone from Sydney Australia?

    Ok, I'm here, can't see anyone flying.
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    Anyone from Sydney Australia?

    The way to avoid rangers is to fly earlier ;)
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    Anyone from Sydney Australia?

    Fantastic! 9:30am, Sunday, now...where exactly!?