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  1. Tersus RTK Engineer
  2. Tersus RTK Engineer
  3. xiaozhu001
    xiaozhu001 Xaircraft
    hi friend , i am Jacob , get your messages on this forum . Could pls send detail e-mail address to me ?
  4. PeterLester
  5. ABJ drones
    ABJ drones
  6. ABJ drones
  7. HolaChristoph
    HolaChristoph Teeman
    Do you still happen to have one of the Hoverfly Pro Flight Controllers that you had posted about last March?
  8. Erle
    Building the next generation robotic brains!
  9. Anita
    Seeking advice on landing pad! Want to make a present for a drones lover. Is that a really useful thing or a kind of toy? Anyone using?
  10. ABJ drones
  11. 1nsan1ty
  12. Mordte
    Long time flyer from Cheshire, UK. Just moving over to Quads, specifically racing quads. Having flown RC Pylon type racers, these little Choppa`s are really appealing.
  13. TJ Alex
    TJ Alex
    The Amazing Chile
  14. Mr Bennington
    Mr Bennington
    Flying around
  15. 1nsan1ty
  16. anaka
    anaka Av8Chuck
    Hi Av8Chuck

    i'd like to make some questions about Pixhawk and the multirotor i'm going to build
    hope you have some time for reply

    thanks in advance

  17. Tersus RTK Engineer
    Tersus RTK Engineer
  18. Tersus RTK Engineer
    Tersus RTK Engineer
  19. Rollerbones
  20. DronelyLtd
    Its a good day to fly!