NC Beachgoer Captures Rare Drone Footage of Civil War-Era Shipwreck

NC Beachgoer Captures Rare Drone Footage of Civil War-Era Shipwreck

While vacationing at Holden Beach in North Carolina last week, 42-year-old Brent Garlington spotted what is thought to be a wrecked Civil War-era steamer.

Garlington, of Fayetteville, flew a drone over the Lockwood Folly Inlet, which is located between Holden Beach and Oak Island. The tide was low because of the full moon, Garlington told Fox News on Tuesday. This prompted him to take a walk on the beach sandbar and ultimately capture the footage using a drone.

“You really can’t see it that clearly unless it’s low tide,” he added.

Garlington first heard about this particular steamer from his brother-in-law, who’s a pilot and a “big history buff.” His brother-in-law spotted the steamer while flying a helicopter over the same area last year. Others have noticed it while fishing or riding on a boat, he said.

“When he told me about it, I thought it was pretty neat,” Garlington said. Since then, he’s wanted to see the wreckage for himself.

At first, Garlington wasn’t planning on sharing his footage — but then a fellow beachgoer suggested posting a clip to The Friends of Holden Beach Facebook group. Within 30 minutes, his “phone was blowing up.”

“Most people are amazed; they had no idea that it was there,” Garlington said of the reactions to the video.

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