OOri FPV Micro Racer From UVify

OOri FPV Micro Racer From UVify

Pre-orders are now open for the world’s fastest production micro racing drone, the UVify OOri, winner of Digital Trends Top Tech of CES 2018 award and Best Mini Drone / Best Beginner’s Drone award from Drone Rush for CES 2018.

The OOri FPV Micro Racer From UVify Wins Multiple Awards at CES 2018.

Sharing the DNA of the award-winning racing drones Draco and Draco HD, OOri is also best-in-class in every area that matters–speed, agility, endurance, technology, and design. The OOri FPV Micro Racer boasts the following:

  • The World’s First Smart Racing Drone
    OOri is the drone for everyone. Easy to control, fun to fly, and most of all, fast. The latest addition to the UVify product line delivers the UVify experience in an entirely different form factor. Sharing the DNA of UVify’s multiple-award winning Draco series of racing drones, OOri is best-in-class in every area that matters — speed, agility, technology, design, and build quality.
  • Ready to Fly
    OOri comes bundled with a controller and a screen. Unbox, power up, and takeoff!
  • Palm Pilot
    Fits in your palm—fly circles around your friends, then wave goodbye when OOri leaves them floundering in its wake. OOri’s technological prowess is unmatched in a micro drone.
  • Power to the People
    Performance-tweaked brushless UVify motors coupled with UVify sensor tech means you fly faster with confidence. OOri isthe world’s fastest and most agile productionmicro drone.

OOri includes everything you need to fly right out of the box. OOri comes bundled with a controller that features a built-in color LCD screen for First-Person View (FPV) piloting, giving you the experience of flying with a bird’s eye view of the world.


  • Customizable Colors opens up unlimited personalization options with the push of a button. Easily identify teammates and competitors when racing thanks to its tweakable LEDs.
  • Performance-tweaked Brushless UVify Motors coupled with UVify sensor technology means OOri has more power than any other micro drone. OOri’s single LiPo battery and brushless motor combination is a first for a micro racing drone.
  • Lock-on, Pop-off Prop Protector is designed to make it a snap to attach the prop guard to OOri when learning new moves. Taking it off is just as easy when the time comes for greater power and agility.
  • Quick-Click Battery features a plug and wire-free design, which means inserting and swapping out batteries is a smooth experience. OOri’s battery is equipped with voltage-protection technology, giving you the freedom to focus on racing in the crucial final seconds.
  • Holds Position automatically, a first for a racing drone. Flatten the learning curve and fly carefree. OOri’s ground-proximity sensor lets you focus on developing your flying skills, instead of the ground.

OOri is available for a special pre-order price of $289 now at UVify.com. Following the pre-order sale, OOri will retail for $389.

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