Drone racing: The next NASCAR?

Drone racing: The next NASCAR?

Drone Racing League CEO Nicholas Horbaczewski on the new sport of drone racing:

At an off-strip Las Vegas casino this past weekend, 32 individuals from around the world, the youngest at 12 years old, competed in a burgeoning new sport: drone racing.

The pilots were vying for a $50,000 cash purse as they proved their skills navigating an obstacle course at the Challenger’s Cup, the granddaddy of them all, for the International Drone Racing Association (IDRA).

The sport is growing fast as drone technology improves and more enthusiasts decide to become amateurs and professionals. One of the challenges is to increase the sport’s fan base and some hope the championship will be televised one day.

“It’s seeming like it could be more like a profession. It’s like the next type of NASCAR,” said pilot Noah Schnapp…


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