Ground School Offers Free Commercial Pilot Listings

Ground School Offers Free Commercial Pilot Listings

Gold Seal UAV Ground School Offers Free Commercial Pilot Listings

If you are using your UAV commercially, then your website is one of your most important marketing assets and you want to promote your site and services however you can. 

Russ Still, President of Gold Seal recenelty said, “Over 14,000 have taken part in our online FAA test prep programs. We are dedicated to safe UAV operations and want to promote and showcase those operators who are part 107 legal and who are showcasing the industry properly.”

Gold Seal has launched a >FREE< benefit for both those offering drone services and those seeking drone service providers. As a 107 certified drone service provider, you may list your company along with your contact info, website URL, and marketing statement.

This does two things for you: 

  1. It provides a crucial backlink to help boost your website’s SEO. 
  2. It allows customers to find you within your state, sorted by city.

Clients looking for safe and legal Remote Pilot Certificate holders can view companies by state to help them find the right operator for their project.


To take advantage of this, please visit the UAV Ground School website and click on the sign-up link. There is no charge for this and you do Not have to use the Gold Seal Ground School training program. Simply sign up, then click the “Drone Pilot Directory” in the top right menu bar and fill in your information.

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