Drone Search Used To Rescue Lost Woman in North Carolina

Drone Search Used To Rescue Lost Woman in North Carolina

Drones have once again demonstrated life-saving capabilities after North Carolina rescuers found a missing woman from the sky, as reported by WFYM News.

On Sunday, the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office began a search for an 81-year-old Mary Brown lost in a North Carolina cornfield. The search radius included rough rural terrain and impenetrable corn fields, prompting Sheriff Robert Graves to deploy the department’s newest drone. In less than 30 minutes after initializing the drone, a video released by police showed officials used a drone to locate her. Randolph County police launched a drone to locate her after the “difficult terrain and a cornfield” slowed the search down:

“[The cornfield] ain’t too far, I went a long way from there. I went to the river and then backtracked,” Brown told WFMY.

Drone video posted on Randolph County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook shows the woman standing near the edge of the massive cornfield as two police officers approached Brown while the device hovered over her.

“The Drone pilot, Officer Adam Krolfifer was able to locate the missing person within 25 minutes,” Sheriff Robert A. Graves wrote in a Facebook post.

“The Drone program at the Sheriff’s Office is one of our newest projects and one more project in our effort of going from ‘Good to Great’ in professional community service,” he added. As more advanced drone technology becomes available to public-safety agencies, success stories from aerial search and rescue efforts have taken off – from lost hikers to wandering dementia patients.

The department has used the drone in the last two months to also film two homicide scenes and catch a suspect trying to avoid a drug arrest, according to WFMY.

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