Build your own LEGO drone!

Build your own LEGO drone!

The drone we are going to have you build won’t just be another brainless quadcopter. This one will be capable of fully autonomous return to home, autonomous landing, GPS assisted flight, fly at incredible heights, fast speeds, strong enough to cary a GoPro with ease, but most amazing of all easy enough that a 10 year old can fly it and help build. An amazing feat for LEGO bricks. At we create professional flying drones from LEGO bricks for learning, education and fun. We even have kits that include what you need to get started making your own Drone from LEGO Bricks.


One thought on “Build your own LEGO drone!

  1. Terbang - April 25, 2016 at 1:21 PM

    I dont know if i can use LEGO to build quadcopter , LEGO just like a brick , aerodynamic doesnt working well with this kind of build , i prefer use something that thinner than lego block . but awesome articles guys !

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