The First Autonomous Wearable Camera That Can Fly

The First Autonomous Wearable Camera That Can Fly

The first wearable camera that can fly autonomously.  In the past year, Nixie has been making a name for itself as it attempts to solve the problems associated with autonomous flight.  Capturing moments is something we’ve done at an arms-length or with a selfie stick, which limits what you can do as you adjust the camera and position yourself in the frame.

Nixie aims to solve this with what they call boomerang mode.  You unwrap it from your wrist, toss it out and wait for it’s return to you.  In the mean time, the Nixie will capture 1080p video and/or photos.

I believe they have more work ahead of them as they try to make this a product people will want to take with them and use.  And given where people often take selfies, safety needs to be considered as you throw this out in a crowd and not having it hit anyone as it returns to you.


In boomerang mode, Nixie takes your photo or video and flies back to you. Other modes are in development.


Nixie takes amazing action shots from the air, so you can pay attention to what you’re doing.


1080p video and crisp images of your greatest moments, taken by your own autonomous flying camera.

nixieWe’re based in Palo Alto, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, and we have a distributed team around the world. We’re passionate about improving the way the world takes photos. We share a passion for tinkering and a commitment to pushing the limits of technology.

The problems we’re solving require deep knowledge of first principles combined with a willingness to play, hack, and iterate. Our workshop and our business are designed for learning fast.


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