DJI Phantom 4 Features Revealed? They Are Game Changers If It Happens!

Obstacle avoidance is the next big thing in drone aviation… or is it?  DJI may have plans to introduce one of their drones (Phantom 4?) with tracking technology to improve photography and video while a subject is moving, all while avoiding obstacles.  Game changer?  Absolutely!  Wouldn’t be amazing to see it happen as soon as the Phantom 4 release?



In some instances, it may be desirable for aerial vehicles to track a specific target. Thus, a need exists for improved UAV tracking methods and systems that provides automatic or semi-automatic tracking of a target, thereby relieving operators of the aerial vehicles of manually tracking the targets. The present invention provides systems, methods, and devices related to target tracking by UAVs. The UAV may be configured to receive target information from a control terminal related to a target to be tracked by an imaging device coupled to the UAV. The target information may be used by the UAV to automatically track the target so as to maintain predetermined position and/or size of the target within one or more images captured by the imaging device. Any description of tracking may include visual tracking by the imaging device. The control terminal may be configured to display images from the imaging device as well as allowing user input related to the target information.

According to an aspect of the present invention, a method for controlling an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is provided. The method comprises: receiving, from a remote user, one or more navigation commands to move the UAV along a flight path; receiving, from the remote user, target information of a target to be tracked by an imaging device on the UAV; and tracking the target according to the target information by automatically adjusting at least one of the UAV or the imaging device while the UAV moves along the flight path according to the one or more navigation commands from the remote user.


5 thoughts on “DJI Phantom 4 Features Revealed? They Are Game Changers If It Happens!

  1. Petr Hejl - February 15, 2016 at 9:47 AM

    I wonder what this patent means to the companies already offering object tracking on their own drones or through apps available for Phantom3/Inspire. Object tracking and avoidance are nice, but I wonder if replacing the piloting skills with AI will make this hobby less fun for some…

  2. johnwoike - February 16, 2016 at 7:47 AM

    Something definitely on the horizon, DJI extends their 10th Anniversary sale to include the P3 Pro. For this promotion only, the Phantom 3 Professional is available for you at only USD999. Pick one up while the promotion lasts. Great deal but wonder if it’s worth waiting to use what the P4 offers and at what cost…I’ve been prone to making poor purchasing decisions in the past.

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