Drone Racing Is The Sport of the Future

Drone Racing Is The Sport of the Future

If you’re to believe the creators of Drone Racing League, you should get ready for drone racing to be the sport of the future. In the video below, you’ll see a sample of the world’s top drone pilots flying what is described as epic courses with FPV racing drones.

I happen to think they’re on to something.  Drone Racing using FPV is the ultimate gaming experience in the real world.  The speed is real.  The crashes are real.  The adrenaline you feel as a result is also real.  Time will tell whether it gets a more mainstream adoption, but I believe it has a real chance.

The 2016 kicks off the first season of organized drone racing, featuring six races around the world for pilots to earn season points. The pilots with most points qualify for the World Championship race, where it’s winner-take-all.

Level 1 kicks off in a few short weeks.  Have a look a the video below to see what’s in store for the pilots.

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